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  • The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.

    George Jesse

Speaking Anxiety

So, your next meeting at work is coming up, and you’ve agreed to present a few new ideas to the company. You usually feel worried about this kind of thing, but now you try to convince yourself that, this time, it’ll be ok. However, as the time to speak draws closer, you begin to rue over your ever agreeing to do so. This is because you know that the mere thought of giving a presentation to the team will set your heart racing and bring you out in a cold sweat.

Speaking Help

Early childhood encounters that serve to cause a youngster to feel self-conscious, embarrassed or humiliated can lead, later in life, to that person experiencing unhelpful presentation nerves. Even if we don’t actually recall such early experiences, they can get stored in our unconscious mind where they are prone to affect the underlying beliefs we end up holding about ourselves. For example, this may be the origin of a possible believe that could says; ‘I can’t speak in front of a crowd because I’ll just end up saying something stupid’.

Speaking Tips

Here are some great speaking tips:
 • Know your material. Try and speak about something that interests you and know more about your subject    than just what you plan to say in your speech.
 • Arrive at the venue early so as to allow yourself time to get to know the room. Practice using the visual aids,    microphone and other equipment. Get comfortable with the environment and make the space your own.
 • Get to know your audience before hand. It might be a good idea to greet some people as they arrive. Speaking    to a group of friends is usually easier than speaking to a group of strangers.

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