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Adult ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that is often associated
with children. But it also affects a surprising number of adults. The clinical symptoms
of ADHD are being inattentive or hyperactive and impulsive or a combination of
these. Sadly, most of the estimated 5% to 7% of the grownups living with the
condition will never be diagnosed or treated. Instead, they might attribute the
symptoms and difficulties they experience to personal shortcomings or to another
condition such as dyslexia, depression or anxiety.

Living With ADHD

It should be pointed out that many with the condition have gone on to live exceptional
lives and achieve exceptional things. Such people will include prominent figures in
science, in sport, in the arts and in business. Sadly, there are many more for whom it
has had a devastating effect. This is because the symptoms of untreated ADHD can
serve to significantly reduce ones executive functioning and so impact on every
aspect of the person’s life. Our person with the condition is not only likely to have
difficulty in regulating his or her attention and emotions, but also more general
difficulty with self-regulation and self-control.

Most people with ADHD have always known they are in some way different. There
are various aspects to the condition that can make it hard for them to function
effectively in a non-ADHD world. They are, none-the-less, likely to also display
intelligence, affability, determination, diligence, resilience and a particular ability to
solve problems. In other words, they are likely to display the very traits needed to do
well in life.

The Range Of Treatments

ADHD is arguably the most treatable of all psychiatric conditions. Prescription
medication can produce surprisingly good results. But there is usually also a need for
other interventions. This is because medication alone will not add the necessary
structure to a life that is lacking in it. Nor will it deal with the low self-esteem and lack
of confidence often resulting from the intense emotions and the many pushbacks a
person with the condition is likely to have experienced.

Non-medical interventions may include talking therapy, clinical hypnosis, life
coaching, mindfulness training or yoga, physical fitness and support groups.

What We Can Offer

Having the condition myself, it’s my opinion that ADHD support should be designed
to work with, and build on, a person’s strengths. It should not attempt to change him
or her into someone who is neurotypical. My mixed-discipline practice provides a
bespoke programme of just such support.

It sets out to work alongside a client’s possible medical treatment and is tailored to
meet his or her specific needs, location and budget. The tools employed may
include a combination of talking therapy, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness
training, physical fitness training and, of course, ADHD life coaching and support. It is
strongly influenced by up-to-date coaching techniques and the latest findings in such
areas as compassion-focused therapy and positive psychology.

I am based in London, but for those further afield, I also work online. If this service is
of interest, please do contact me to find out more. You can do this either by calling
me on +447905656699 or by using the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button below.

My coaching fees are competitive and reflect the level of support and value the
service provides. I do, however, realise that the cost may be prohibitive to some. To
assist such people, I take on a limited number of reduced-clients. Please enquire if
you would like to make use of this concession.

Also, I offer a free, confidential, no-obligation 30-minute coaching call to any adult
who has, or who believes he or she may have ADHD. This offer is made irrespective
of whether or not the person is considering using the services my practice provides.
Please do take me up on this by calling me to set up a time on +447905656699 or by
using the button below and typing “free coaching call” into the message box. Please
also view my blog at, where there is a lot more information on
adult ADHD.

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